What’s the downside of comparing what you see in others to your own experience?

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Are you envious of someone else’s home? Are you jealous of someone else’s natural talents? Do you believe others’ “overnight success” is a matter of luck? What you see may not always be the truth. It may not be a reality, merely your perspective and it may be …

What gives you the feeling of accomplishment? Producing or productivity?

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How do you get your greatest sense of accomplishment? What’s your focus? Producing or productivity. There is a difference, and we must give ourselves credit for everything. Producing: to bring into existence by intellectual or creative ability.  Productivity: the quality, state, or fact of being able to generate, …

Do you treat yourself as a Prosecuting or a Defense Attorney?

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Does this scenario sound familiar?  You make a mistake. It may be small or large, but it really doesn’t matter. You, figuratively, beat yourself up. You hear yourself saying, “You idiot! You are never going to amount to anything!” Head’s up, your inner Prosecuting Attorney has arrived. A Prosecuting …

How do you bounce back from a major disappointment?

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October is ADHD Awareness Month. Throughout the month, I will be sharing resources, tips, strategies, and success stories. This week, let’s look at process and the measurement of success. A client of mine had the opportunity to challenge a college course, saving time, energy, and resources if they …


Bounce Back!

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I recently had a major disappointment.  I’d been working on a project for nearly three years.  Having spent lots of time, energy, and money on this endeavor, I was ready to reap the fruits of my labors.  The final assignment was to pass a very rigorous test.  I …