Client Success Stories

“It is a great investment for yourself. Cindy is very knowledgeable in her field and guides you to the answers and solutions you are looking for.”

- James Cargill

“It is her calling to do this kind of work and she does it very well. She knows how to coach and in an intelligent, sincere and caring way that just breeds change and progress. I get motivated, make changes and can't wait to tell her about my progress.”

- E.M.

"After only two appointments, our coaching so far has already made a significant impact on my work -- especially the time blocking.  I've found myself doing so much better focus-wise and naturally, have just become more proactive too."

- Sarina P.

“I had been diagnosed with ADHD, and I started taking medication, but didn't feel I was really learning to understand how my ADHD presented to others through my communication. In working with Cindy I began practices to stay on task and organized. By learning to take the time to focus not just on the task, but recognize how I am triggered when I don't take the time to set myself up."

- M.C.

“Cindy Jobs has been the single-most important advisor in my journey toward a sustainable business.  She has taught me how to use my ADD superpowers for good while helping me build systems, processes, and community to help me manage, or eliminate, the kryptonite that would otherwise sink my business.  This translates into fewer worries, a lot more profit, and more time in my happy place.  I highly recommend Cindy to anyone looking for a coach.”

- Chris Hare

"Cindy is a lifeline for those of us with organizing deficits."

- Sean B.

"Your work really matters and enables others to reach their fullest potential. You are truly an asset to humankind."

- GardenGirl

“I created a narrative podcast series in 2020, and established an LLC in order to produce it. As with many projects in my life, I jumped in head-first despite lacking any business experience – and quickly found myself overwhelmed. Thankfully I also found Cindy, whose advice and support was instrumental in the podcast's successful launch. Her knowledge of and empathy for the challenges associated with ADHD have been vital in keeping me stay grounded and focused (or getting me refocused!) on the tasks at hand while not losing sight of the big picture. Since working with her, I am better able to delegate when needed and communicate my needs more effectively. She also offers excellent counsel when that "Imposter Syndrome" kicks in. I highly recommend her services.”

- Susan H.

“Cindy partners with me to gains skills, implement systems and fill in many gaps where "I don't know what I don't know". Starting from day one with practical solutions I now use daily for time awareness (TimeTimers) and productivity (FocusMate). Then working through specific situations and areas for improvement. Most recently, our work with setting boundaries has been extremely beneficial. Cindy does an excellent job each session of making sure each session helps me make progress an area of my life.” 



- Dave J.

“I am much less hard on myself, and better understand how to improve organization while also valuing self-care.”

- Jennie

“Cindy is amazing at working with you to help break down what's behind problems and help build a support system that works with the way you think and what motivates you.” 

- Jerahmy

“I highly recommend Cindy Jobs. I was doing fairly well at my job but kept burning out frequently. Cindy Jobs gave me tools and advice for time and task management. She also made me aware of other areas of stress, like clutter and boundary issues within myself and family. I'm facing life with more of a relaxed can-do attitude now.”

- D.J.

“Cindy is an amazing person that really understands the ADHD mind and is more than just a coach. She genuinely cares about your success and does all that she can to help you achieve your goals, and goals you didn't know you had. I would highly recommend Cindy to anyone struggling with ADHD, she's an amazing resource.”

- P. Jessen

“She keeps you on track!”

- Randy

“I’m going to mark this day in my calendar as “Enlightenment Day”.”

- Kate Lovested

“Cindy helps her clients work through their challenges by enabling them to think about them in ways they hadn't previous previously considered.”

- Anonymous

“Cindy recommended a better system for recording my work, which contributed to reduced work related anxiety.”

- Anonymous

“I wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance this year!  I've gotten closer to my goals than I ever could've imagined, and none of this would have been possible without you.  I can't tell you how grateful I am!"

- S.M.

“Why should you hire Cindy Jobs as your coach?  Cindy was able to help me find a better path.  Through her guidance, I have learned to adapt techniques and habits that work specifically for me and what I need to accomplish.  Working with Cindy has been a game-changer.”

- Ben L.

“Cindy helped me process and let go of a connection to my former company and the work relationships that were detrimental to my health and well-being.  The work she did with me allowed me to get unstuck and move forward.  In addition, I had some delegation roadblocks with my new current team, that once resolved, has helped me connect more closely to my team and develop them as future leaders.  Cindy has a knack for putting me at ease and asking great reflective questions that help direct my thinking ways that created long-lasting change.”

- A. Wood

“When we met, I knew we would work well together. I appreciated the questions she asked, for example, “How much control do you have over your work calendar?” It was a simple harmless question and one that shifted how I thought about my workday and who had access to me. During our time I gathered some good tools as well as additional challenges to my thinking and am trying them out. I know I can re-connect and refresh where and when I need to."

- Elisabeth Bridgewater, LICSW

“I wasn't sure specifically what I needed help with. I was just generally lost. We talked through my issues, got to the bottom of them and started moving forward in manageable chunks. You absolutely must have your own motivation. But Cindy is incredibly helpful if you're motivated but lost or overwhelmed."

- Alex Dudley

“Through the years, Cindy has been my coach, accountability partner, and cheerleader. Being a solopreneur can sometimes leave me feeling scattered and overwhelmed. Cindy has helped me establish tools to offset that."

- Melanie V.

“Working with Cindy gave me a much-needed reset. Working from home during COVID-19 has been particularly tough for me. Now I have good processes in place and I'm able to make the most of each day. I definitely recommend Cindy to anyone struggling with time management, procrastination, and motivation."

- Brady H.

“If you have any challenges with ADHD (ADD) Cindy is your "go-to" person. She combines the empathy and skill of a great coach with her incredible knowledge of the brain and the ADHD brain. This combination offers a safe, shame-free and extremely productive environment for healing and moving beyond the old stories that can immobilize you! Cindy’s the real deal!"

- Betsy A.

“When I first contacted Cindy, I felt like my life had become submerged in a melting pot of personal commitments I could not maintain, goals and dreams beyond my reach, and empty promises. My three-month journey with Cindy provided encouragement, tools, resources, and, most importantly, the new-found belief in myself that I needed to thrive."

- Betsy A.

"Cindy helped me process a difficult business direction issue I needed to address. Cindy helped me process all aspects of the issue. At the end of the process, I had the data I needed to make the right decision. Cindy also helped with strategies for communicating my decision to the advisor, which was helpful."

- Fred D.

"Sometimes the Coach needs a Coach. I work as a career and life coach and was struggling with issues related to time management and my relationship to time as I build my new business. Cindy's systematic approach and thoughtful guidance got me through some chaotic thinking and helped me assess my priorities and how to respond to demands on my time. It was just what I needed."

- Maria M.

“For years I’ve been stating “If I could just have someone knowledgeable and skilled around ADD/organization, and most importantly, that I could completely trust, come into my life and watch how I actually function and operate with ADD, and then provide non-judgemental insight, caring support, and more effective processes for how I live, I know I could improve my quality of life.”  Cindy has done just that!”

- L.L.

"I struggled with presence in the classroom. Cindy helped me understand why I was hesitant to be firm with my students and worked with me to become a more confident, effective teacher."


- Jeff D.

"Our Goal was to "do a better job with our finances." Cindy helped us clearly define our goal, focus on our current level of preparedness, and determine realistic and attainable process to reach our goal. She helped us maintain our focus and motivation to create something lasting. The work we did with Cindy as our Coach was invaluable in helping us attain our goal."

A. V.


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