“Why is it so impossible to make progress on my to-do list?”

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To-do lists can be the key to productivity, but only if they are believable and achievable. Trying to be productive working from a brain dump of everything we want to get done is NOT believable, and it’s generally NOT achievable. I hear this frequently when working with clients …


Project: Family Reunion

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Our family just held our annual family reunion.  It was an amazing 3-day event with up to 60 people participating in the main event on Saturday.  Participants ranged from 7-months to 86-years old.  Pulling off an event of this magnitude with such a varying age range can be …


The power of mind mapping.

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Sometimes making progress is really, really hard.  Even when we have a very clear idea of where we want to end up, we just can’t seem to make it through the decision-making and execution process. Why is that? There are too many options. The scope is ambiguous. We …


Are you working with boulders or pebbles?

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Things can be so dog-gone overwhelming sometimes, can’t they? I worked with a couple clients last week that were paralyzed by their “to do” lists.  The lists were so long and the projects were so daunting that the default action was inaction. They were trying to work with …


Energy Management vs Time Management

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“I just don’t have time to . . . . . “  Go ahead, fill in the blank. Ever said that?  I’ll be you have.  I know I have. But is it time we don’t have or energy?  If we managed our energy better, would our time management …


Balance: Self Value vs Stuff Value

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Balance is a tricky thing.  Too much of one thing tips the scales in the other direction and we get totally out of balance. But balance is not just about stuff vs space (although stuff vs space is a huge issue for a lot of people).  For some …


Step five. Step three. Step one. Nope.

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I watched a sitcom the other day where one of the characters introduced the family to her new dog.  The look of confusion on their faces indicated having a dog made absolutely no sense.  But then she explained: Step 5: She had a dog because .  . . …

Important vs Urgent

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I feel fortunate and blessed to have created a work-style and life-style that supports a flexible schedule, but the past couple of months have been a whirlwind of guests and travel that has my head spinning . . . and my “to do” list expanding by the day. …