Why Have Job Descriptions?

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There isn’t clear consensus on whether or not job descriptions do more harm than good in the business environment, but I firmly believe that giving employees clear direction about what you expect of them is always a good thing. An accurate job description is one of the many …

Organize in 15 Minutes or Less

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Top Ten 15 Minute Organizing Options Organizing doesn’t have to be incredibly time consuming. Little organizing successes can bring great rewards and not take much time at all!  Here are my top 10 super-fast organizing tasks, each of which can be done in 15 minutes or less. 1. …

March is National Clean Up Your IRS Act Month

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  “Clutter is postponed decisions.” Barbara Hemphill The month of March is National Clean Up Your IRS Act month.  My first thought was “Wow, doesn’t the IRS have enough influence in our lives without having an entire month dedicated to us “cleaning up our act” in support of …