Snowmageddon and the power of an aspirational To-Do list

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Do you have a “gotta get it done” To-Do list? I’d say most of us would answer “yes” to that question.

Next question: Do you have an “aspirational” To-Do list? “What’s that?” you might ask. For me, it’s a list of things I’d like to do but aren’t in the Urgent/Important category, so they generally get put on the back burner and never make it into my planner until some unforeseen circumstance allows them to bubble to the surface.

Like the January 2020 Snowmageddon. 

Like most of you, Snowmageddon probably threw a wrench in your system, not allowing you to get to the “gotta get it done.”

  • Not being able to make it into work resulted in a lack of office productivity.
  • The kids were out of school, so home schedules went out the window.
  • Nasty road conditions made going to the grocery store and gym impossible.

I’m confident you can think of 100 other things that got in the way of being productive during Snowmageddon. What could you have done differently that would have made this time a bit more productive? Having an “aspirational” To-Do list can help.

What kind of items are fit for an “aspirational” list that you might have knocked off while house-bound?

  • Preparing 2019 financials far ahead of the tax filing deadline.
  • Getting to that ironing or mending that never seems to be a priority.
  • Organizing the closet that’s been driving you crazy.
  • Writing a letter to someone close to you.
  • Visiting a neighbor you haven’t seen in a while.
  • Cleaning out the car.
  • Going through photos (either physical or electronic) and deleting everything that’s no longer relevant.
  • Doing some deep-cleaning (the refrigerator is always a place to start).
  • Unsubscribing from no-longer-relevant e-mail lists.

What could you put on your “aspirational” list that will keep you productive next time your schedule gets thrown out of whack?


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