Do you want a Griswold or Martha Stewart holiday?

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Thanksgiving is tomorrow, followed by Black Friday, and on it’s heels, Cyber Monday. It’s enough to create stress for just about anyone. So much to do, so little time, so many expectations! It’s a tricky time of year when many people compare their lives to Rockwell paintings, Martha …

How to get the best out of challenging relationships.

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The holidays present ample opportunities for us to get together with friends and family that we adore.  And ample opportunity to be thrust into social situations with people that may cause us a bit of stress. Being around people that push our buttons, so to speak, can be …

Not the perfect gift? What now?

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There will be a lot of gifts exchanged over the next week or so.  Hopefully, every gift you give or receive will resonate well and be loved and cherished for years to come. But what if they aren’t? As the gift-giver, unless you know the gift is something …

Are you a good gift giver?

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us, but for many, there may still be a lot left to do around gift giving this holiday season. Over the next few weeks we will make several little, and big, decisions about who to buy for, how much to spend, …


Four Tips for Packing Up Christmas

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Usually I let Christmas linger until New Year’s day.  But, while having coffee this morning I was looking around the house and felt a sudden urge to let Christmas go a little ahead of schedule this year.  I’m not sure why that is, but in looking at several …


Remember the “why” behind the holiday

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I’m hearing a lot of stress-related comments from my clients right now. “I need six more gifts and have no idea when I can shop.” “I don’t have my caramels made yet.” “I still don’t have my cards in the mail.” “I have three more parties to go …


5 Tips To Be “Company Ready”

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Many of us will welcome guests into our homes this time of year. I find it joyous to open our home to guests, but it does require a little preparation. Here are five quick suggestions: Ask about food preferences or allergies:  I like to pre-purchase whatever food items …


5 Simple Ways to De-Stress the Holidays

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Well, the holidays are officially off and running.  It’s that time of year when many people compare their lives to Rockwell paintings, Martha Stewart magazines, and the social lives of the Kardashian’s. Rather than the unbridled joy that these images may present, I hear a lot of stress-related …


Holiday Organizing: Stuff and Time

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Well, the holidays are officially off and running! The local NBC affiliate, KING-TV, asked me to come in and speak about how to organize all the decorations, gifts and events that happen around the holidays.  After leaving the studio I thought “hmm, that might be good information to …