I read a lot of books about ADHD. Check out my top 10 here.

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Everyone’s ADHD manifests differently.  The understanding of ADHD as a whole is important, as are different perspectives on how to best manage ADHD traits that may get in the way. Here are my current Top 10 (in no particular order) books and a short review of each: ADHD …

Want some great ADHD resources? Check these out.

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Navigating the sea of ADHD information can be daunting.  Here are some tried-and-true resources for you to check out. Websites: Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD): The go-to place for support and resources for those affected by ADHD. Rena-Fi: RenaFi provides an academic, research-based practical, financial education …

Smack talking yourself? Your brain thinks it’s being attacked by a lion.

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How many times have we spoken to ourselves like this: “I am so stupid.” “I’m fat.” “I am a mean person.” “I’m not important.” “I am a failure.” Self-criticism:  the act of or capacity for criticizing one’s own faults or shortcomings We learn self-criticism early in life.  Maybe …