How to manage transitions. Three successful client experiences.

Cindy Jobs Health and Well-Being

Transitions can be hard. Whether the transition involves moving toward or away from something we want to be doing, toward or away from something we don’t want to be doing, or just moving from one task to another, transitions can stand in our way of productivity. Here are three successful transition experiences …

Is anger a sign of motivation?

Cindy Jobs Health and Well-Being

It’s not uncommon for some of my clients to exhibit strong emotions during our coaching sessions.  Actually, I encourage it. Why?  If there’s no emotion, it may be a sign that we don’t care.  If we don’t care, it’s hard to make progress. Years ago, in my coach …

Can we just eliminate “just?”

Cindy Jobs Health and Well-Being

I recently started listening for the number of times the word “just” comes up in conversation. Generally, it’s nothing big, but more little things where the word “just” either demeans, diminishes, or disqualifies whatever follows. For example: “I’ve just been a mom and housewife, who would want to hire me?” …