5 Tips To Be “Company Ready”

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Many of us will welcome guests into our homes this time of year. I find it joyous to open our home to guests, but it does require a little preparation.

Here are five quick suggestions:

  1. Ask about food preferences or allergies:  I like to pre-purchase whatever food items might make our guests more comfortable.  For example, I only drink almond milk, but our adult kids and grandson prefer dairy products.  I  have a homemade oatmeal/banana muffin every morning, but my sister prefers spinach and eggs.  Although most guests will say “anything is fine,” I know they are more comfortable if they can eat similarly to how they eat at home.  Plus it may save a last-minute trip to the grocery store.
  2. Talk about pets:  We have two relatively large dogs.  Most people who would stay at our home know we have dogs, but I like to review the dogs’ rules and habits.  For example, our dogs love people and will go visit them, and check out their stuff, if our guests were to leave the bedroom or bathroom door open.  I also prep our guests with a list of commands the dogs are familiar with should they need to discipline them in any way.  “Down” means different things to different people.
  3. Give a tour as soon as guests arrive:  Although it may be intuitive to you where the pantry, powder room, and garage are, your guests will appreciate getting a “lay of the land.”
  4. Prep the bedroom:  Make sure there are towels, hangers, a wastebasket, an alarm clock,  a water carafe and glass, and small selection of toiletries (including a disposable toothbrush and razor),  Most of our guests bring their own toiletries, but it’s always nice to have something just in case they forgot.  I also include an extra set of sheets in the dresser drawers as most guests ask how they can help when they leave.  If they are open to it, I ask them to change the bed before they leave.  This cuts down on the amount of time it takes me to prepare for the next guest.
  5. Prep the bathroom:  We are sure to include extra toilet paper, cloth hand towels, some disposable hand towels, air freshener and a hairdryer.   We also include a toilet brush and plunger, allowing guests to solve small, and what may be embarrassing, problems discretely.

If you are looking for more great ideas on preparing for holiday house guests, check out the recent Unclutterer blog.

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