Simple Tips For Heading Back To School

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Yikes!  I keep seeing advertising for back-to-school preparations.  Where, oh where, has the summer gone? Getting everyone ready for school adds another level of anxiety and stress to the last few summer days.    Here are some tips to get you started and make the transition a little smoother. …


Are you prepared?

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Nothing lets you know you aren’t prepared for life little disasters, or big ones for that matter, like preparing your will/trust or changing your homeowner’s insurance.  We’ve done both within the last nine months.  It was a great wake-up call that I needed to get some things in …


How do you learn stuff? Sense-Based Modalities

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I recently completed a year-long Coaching curriculum (I’m so excited!).  One of the things that resonated most with me was an in-depth study of how we each individually learn things and interpret our environments (learning modalities). Denslow Brown, Master Certified Coach, breaks down learning modalities as follows: Sense-based …