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“Patience is a virtue.” (Attribution)

Most of us have heard that quote at some point in our lives.  Patience isn’t something I’m particularly good at, but certainly something I continue to work on incorporating into my life every day.

I had an experience the other day that reminded me of how powerful a bit of patience can be.

My mom was visiting from out of town and we decided to experience the 3:00 elk feeding at Nelson Preserve at Suncadia Resort.   We arrived at the feeding station about 3:30.  No elk.   A few cars were there already, but left about 10 minutes after we arrived.  Clearly they couldn’t wait any longer for the majesty of nature to arrive.

About 3:45 two more cars arrived.  They were clearly together.  One gentleman came over and asked where the elk were.  “Usually here at 3:00” he says.  He turned away and headed back to his car.  No more than 10 minutes later he signaled to his buddy that it was time to leave.  They’d waited no more than 10 minutes.  Patience was not a virtue they were exercising that day.  Unfortunate, as no more than 5 minutes after they left, the elk started pouring in from the trees.  It was amazing!

About 15 minutes later there were close to 60 head of elk enjoying the hay that Suncadia generously leaves for them. (Thanks Suncadia Resort for taking care of our furry friends!)

Suncadia Resort Elk Feeding
January 28, 2017

Now, I don’t know what else those other folks had going, but I’m so glad that we had the patience to wait.  It was a wonderful experience.

What have you appreciated by practicing patience?







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