The Value of Kindness

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You may have heard a bit more chatter about random acts of kindness over the last few days.  That’s because Random Acts of Kindness.org designated February 12-18 as Random Acts of Kindness Week.

I decided to pay more attention to what was going on around me this week.  What random acts of kindness did I see?

Someone . . .

. . . paid for the next person’s coffee.

. . . waved someone into the parking spot they were waiting for.

. . . let a harried mother shopping with three children in front of them in the grocery line.

. . . committed to giving five compliments every day this week.

. . . committed to saying “thank you” at least five times every day this week (amazing how a simple “thank you” changes the mood of the recipient).

. . . made a surprise visit to a shut-in neighbor.

. . . complimented a mother on well-behaved children.

I did not ask the people I observed if this is how they operate every day of their lives or if it was something special they did because they were more aware of random acts of kindness this week.  My guess is that it’s just part of their DNA.  It’s how they live their lives. Performing random acts of kindness brings them joy.

What I do know is it brought me great joy to be more aware of kindness this week.  Witnessing the kind things people did for each other made me want to do more for others.

Question:   What kindness do you see when you really start to look for it?

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