time management

How to use Planning, Time, Task, and Energy Management for Success

Cindy JobsADHD In The Workplace, Health and Well-Being

Below is a typical conversation, especially with a new client that is learning how to utilize all the components of time management to create the success they are looking for. Client: “It’s strange. I had a really unproductive day on Monday, but a really productive day yesterday.” Cindy: …

Project or task? Distinguishing between the two is important to productivity.

Cindy JobsADHD In The Workplace, Health and Well-Being, Organization

One of the biggest productivity roadblocks is the failure to¬†differentiate between projects and tasks. When projects get put on our to-do lists, our brains become overwhelmed, and we don’t activate. How do we differentiate between projects and tasks? Let’s use paying our taxes as an example. This time …