Feeling like your life is chaotic? The Queen of Distraction will help you through it.

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Disorganization is a challenge many individuals with ADHD face. As a matter of fact, my first introduction to ADHD was through a client I assisted as a Professional Organizer. The strategies she needed were far different than other clients I’d worked with. Her beautiful brain operated just a little differently.

Disorganization is a challenge for nearly all of my clients. Unfortunately, the women I work with tend to feel the shame and frustration of disorganization more deeply than their male counterparts. The Queen of Distraction (Matlen) helps normalize and take on disorganization, clutter, and chaos in a woman’s world.

Matlen knows disorganization from the inside out. Struggling with ADHD herself, the author can empathize with readers’ challenges, and she does it with insight, honesty, wit, and wisdom.

What will you gain by reading this book?

Tips, Tools, and Strategies:  Not only does Matlen offer tons of solutions in the book, but she is also very generous with her resources on her website. The tips, tools, and strategies the author offers run the gamut from tech tools (Boogie Board) to everyday challenges like efficiently processing paperwork.

Time Management:  Time management is a challenge for nearly all of my clients as an ADHD brain has a different and generally more challenging relationship with time. Matlen explains time distortion, procrastination, prioritization, and impaired working memory. Doing so makes sense, and we can see a way out of the frustration.

Relationships: Unreliable executive function, emotional regulation, and impulsivity can cause relationships (family, friends, romantic partners) to be challenging. Matlen takes a deep dive into various stages of relationships, offering guidance on managing each step along the way.

Employment:  For some individuals with ADHD, employment is a revolving door. For some, it is the quest to find the next dopamine-inducing challenge. It is the “I better quit before I get fired” tactic for others. Either way, the author offers solutions to common ADHD challenges in the workplace, including the ever-present “Disclose or don’t disclose” quandary.

Sensory overload:  One of the less-discussed challenges with ADHD is sensory overload. All senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste) can cause discomfort for individuals with ADHD. Matlen offers multiple suggestions to combat each area that may be causing concern.

Two of the most empowering lines in the book come at the end:

“Remember to go with your strengths, acknowledge your difficulties, and embrace every part of yourself. ADHD is not a death sentence; it’s just one small part of who you are.”

Cindy Jobs, PCAC, ACC

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