Fibbing: How does ADHD factor in?

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“In times of stress, the person doesn’t attack, run away, or play dead in front of teachers or bosses or spouses — he or she fibs to protect self-esteem.” As an ADHD coach, my clients often come to our coaching sessions wanting to explore the impulse to, and …

ADHD & Communication

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Communication is tough. It’s even more of a challenge if we struggle with the traits of ADHD (Dr. Thomas Brown): Activation Focus Effort Emotion Memory Action Think about it: Activation:  Sometimes, it’s even hard to start a conversation, especially if we feel it’s not going to go well.  …


Are you listening?

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Yesterday was a day full of observation and personal enlightenment. I listened to an Oprah SuperSoul podcast with Thich Nhat Hanh, a Buddhist monk, author and Nobel Peace Prize nominee.    Although the entire podcast was extremely interesting, at 23 minutes in, the term “compassionate listening” comes up.  This …