ADHD: Finding the best job for your brain

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ADHD brains can bring a lot to the workplace table. They can also be a challenge if not working in the correct environment.

Clients often come to coaching to either find the correct occupation or find the tools and structure to make their current job work for their brains. 

Finding the right job for your brain will take you on a fact-finding journey.

Realize that your ADHD brain is different than any other ADHD brain, so when people say, “People with ADHD are good at . . . ” Yes, they very well might be, but that might not be the right occupation for you. Your brain is your brain; theirs is theirs. Do what’s right for you.

First, what are our strengths? I suggest people take the CliftonStrengths 34, formerly Strengthsfinder 2.0, assessment. This assessment will take 30 minutes or so, but it is worth the investment. I took the evaluation several years ago and found it fascinating. My results were: Strategic, Discipline, Relator, Learner, and Responsibility. Relator and Learner were surprises to me, and I’ve learned to embrace those strengths in new ways.

Next, decide if you are suited for self-directed work or if you need the structure of people working with you, and possibly directing your workload. I have a strong Discipline strength, so being self-employed and self-directed isn’t a challenge for me. It may be for others.

Then, identify your passions. Being able to connect to your passion will make work less taxing. Do you like working with people? Do you want to work in a noisy or quiet environment? Do you need a Monday-Friday, 9:00 – 5:00 position, or is flexibility okay for you? Do you like to work from home or in an office? Do you want to dress up or are jeans and t-shirts your go-to?

Brainstorm your passions.  Do you like to work with animals? Does tech interest you?  Do you like to do research?  Are you into the arts? 

As you are brainstorming, trust your body.  When you think about working in an office, does your body tense up or relax?  When you think about working with animals, do you find yourself involuntarily smiling?  In general, our bodies don’t lie.  If one of your brainstorming ideas makes you smile and your shoulders are relaxed, that may be something to pursue.

According to ADDitude Magazine:

About half of ADDitude survey respondents have a full-time job and 12% are self-employed; their work spans a huge number of professions, ranging from baristas to teachers to nurses, magicians, and engineers.

They work in varied positions and industries, including:

  • Health care (23%)
  • Education (20%)
  • Government/public service (9%)
  • Technology (8%)
  • Sales or retail (6 %)
  • Legal (5%)

Does something on this list resonate with you?  If so, do some additional research. 

Looking for more?  Here are some great resources for additional information on finding the best job for your brain:

WebMD: Best Jobs for People With ADHD

Healthline: Best Jobs For People With ADHD

ADDitude Magazine: Great Job! A Career Happiness Formula For Adults With ADHD

Your ADHD brain is a beautiful thing. Finding the right occupation to utilize your strengths and uniqueness will provide a much more successful working environment.

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