Maybe it’s just a different style

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Is it just me or are you sometimes perplexed by how your co-workers operate? As a manager in a large corporate environment, I sometimes found myself completely confused by the actions of others and struggled to rationalize behavior that was so foreign to my own. For example: One …


Brene Brown: Trust = B.R.A.V.I.N.G.

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If I could love someone I’ve never met, it would be Brene Brown.  I can not appreciate enough the power of her insights. I’ve read her books.  I’ve watched her TED talks on vulnerability and shame.  I’ve listened to her numerous times as a podcast guest. Most recently,  …


What’s your story?

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I just finished Brene’ Brown’s Rising Strong.  In the book, she encourages her readers to think about “the story I’m making up” and explore other perspectives.  What does she mean by that? Read the story about the total disconnect she had with her husband while taking a swim …