Celebrate progress, not perfection

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Early in the coaching partnership, some of my clients are perplexed when I ask them to be open to celebrating even if they didn’t make their goal.

Celebrate the fact that you went to the gym three times last week even though you intended to go five.  Three trips to the gym more than likely are three more trips than the week before.  Progress.

Celebrate the fact that you lost two pounds when you mean to lose four.  Two pounds represents changes in habits that will build future success.  Progress.

Celebrate the fact that you got averaged seven hours sleep this month when you intended to get eight.  Last month the average was five.  Progress.

Progress:  “Forward or onward movement towards a destination.”

Making progress means you’ve likely changed a habit, a routine, or stretched yourself outside of your comfort zone.  Congrats!

Celebrate.  Tell someone about your progress.  Share your good news.  Build on your momentum.  Remeber what you did to get there and use that knowledge to get there again, or even go further.

Why celebrate?  According to this INC article (largely focuses on business, but the theory holds for personal accomplishments), celebrating is good for us on many levels.

  1. The act of celebrating changes your physiology and strengthens your psychology.
  2. Celebrating with colleagues and business partners tightens your network.
  3. Your celebrations position you correctly as a winner and attracts more success.

So, find something to celebrate today.  It’s good for you!

Cindy Jobs, COC, ACC

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