Are your productivity goals in line with your values?

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This post is a bit more personal post than most I’ve published.

I’m a relatively driven person, and I like to have short-term and long-term plans that I can execute. When a curveball comes my way, and things go topsy-turvy, I struggle to live comfortably in this new uncharted space.

Like most of you, I had some 2020 plans that are not only harder but nearly impossible to execute with the new COVID landscape. That was hard enough for me to wrap my head around, then even more shifted.

A family member requires more care than in the past. COVID prevents us from bringing in outside help, so we are covering the needs as a family. I’m happy to do it. Honestly, I find it a gift to spend more time with this precious individual.

My part in the solution is to spend one week a month away from home. Yes, a lot of what I do is virtual, and I CAN do it from anywhere; however, when I’m in the caregiver role, I don’t WANT to.

The “not wanting to” emotion is in lock-step with my primary NEEDS (Family, Peace, and Self-Worth) and VALUES (Honesty, Loyalty, and Affection). And yet, I was still uncomfortable. What’s up with that? I needed a perspective shift.

A friend sent a text this morning that sums it up better than I ever could:

You are probably making memories that will stay with you forever. And I hope they are good ones — the kind that makes you grateful for COVID and the slowing down of life.

Thank you, my friend, for that perspective.

We are all in different situations, and life is continuing to throw us curve balls. What can you do to react in a way that may make you grateful for the new reality?  How can you use your NEEDS and Values to provide a new perspective?

Are you looking for more information on using your NEEDS and VALUES to make the right decision for yourself? Here are some resources.

Do you know your Values and Needs?

Family. Peace. Self-Worth.

What do you want your personal brand to say about you?

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