How to Incorporate Structured Flexibility in Times of Change

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Sometimes what worked last year, last month, last week, or even yesterday doesn’t work anymore. Our former structures, routines, and habits have to change along with change in the situation.

However, when we rely on structure to keep us moving, losing that structure can result in lost momentum. 

One of the structures I relied upon every day, my daily planner, no longer supports me in my current situation.

My daily planner previously looked like this:

Pardon the quality of the image, but you get the drift. My day was blocked with client appointments, educational commitments, colleague meetings, and regular office tasks. From the moment I got up to when I closed my office door for the day, I had a very clear picture of what I was going to be doing minute-by-minute. I had structure. (Note: I regularly use a Monthly/Weekly planner, but for the sake of example, I created this visual.)

My daily planner now looks like this:

As you can see, it is markedly different. Although I do still have a lot of client appointments, my days are more governed by my intentions around how to spend my increased flexible time. Because I’m not as tied to particular times of the day as I used to me, I’m giving myself some flexibility and grace around when I do what. I’ve also added a few things into my day that I didn’t do before. For example:

  • I’ve increased my meditation time.
  • I’m taking the Science of Well-Being class that Yale is offering for free. 
  • I’m getting outside to walk every day. 
  • I’m reaching out to one friend/family member, one colleague, and one client every day. 
  • Roger and I are connecting via Zoom with family and friends for virtual coffee breaks, lunch dates, cocktail hours, and dinners.

During this time of change, we need to be flexible, not only with our schedules but those around us.

Final note: Be like bamboo: strong and flexible.


Cindy Jobs

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