CoSchedule could very well be your secret weapon on the social media front.

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Social media options change at lightning speed. Frankly, I can’t keep up, but CoSchedule can.

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly platforms get added, and others become obsolete. Once you think you understand one platform, the algorithms change, and posts are seen by fewer and fewer people. Then there is the constant shift of when and how long people are staying on their social media feeds, especially in the new normal of more people working from home,

Do you feel confused? I know I do.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel: CoSchedule.

I’ve been using CoSchedule for over a year now and find it incredibly powerful. 

Not only is it easy to schedule my social media posts, but CoSchedule also helps me get the most out of my postings by:

  1. Letting me load my social media in one productive sitting. Currently, I schedule most of my media postings once a month, saving time and stress by not needing to post every day.
  2. Customizing my postings by each social media platform.  
  3. Determining the best time of day to post per platform.
  4. Informing me, via analytics, how my posts are working.
  5. Making it simple to requeue popular or time-sensitive posts if I’ve not scheduled anything for any particular day.
  6. The Headline Analyzer feature makes sure headlines are eye-catching and effective.

Here’s a high-level of how CoSchedule works, above and beyond how I currently use it:

1.  Content organizing: Content organizer to help drive strategy and growth. I publish something almost every workday, and it’s easy to see what I’m releasing where.

2. Social organizing: Social media management software from posting to measurement. It’s all in one place. From scheduling to analytics, it’s all in one place for all platforms. Magical!

3. Marketing calendar: Cross-functional calendar for global visibility for every project.

4. Work organizing: Team collaboration software to manage and automate workflows. Although I don’t have a team currently, I can certainly see how this would make workflow more efficient if I did.

5. Asset organizing: Digital asset management software to optimize and share everything with a team. It’s effortless to upload and utilize images.

Although this isn’t my calendar, it will give you a good idea of how it works. I love seeing schedules posted clearly and concisely.

Oh, and don’t forget the analytics. The analytics are fantastic! My big takeaway from the analytics was that my Facebook community was more engaged on Sundays.  I hadn’t been posting on Sundays, but now I am.

Whether you are a social media guru or novice, you might benefit from checking out what CoSchedule has to offer. It’s been a fantastic addition to my productivity plan.

Happy posting, friends!

Cindy Jobs

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