My superpower

My superpower is helping business professionals and entrepreneurs challenged with ADHD to use their strengths and unique personality traits to create the success they may not have dreamed possible.
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My clients arrive:

  • Uncertain

    about how to work WITH their ADHD.

  • Frustrated

    with not making the forward progress they KNOW is possible.

  • Worried

    by INCONSISTENT follow-through and challenging social skills.

  • Hesitant

    using boundaries that they RECOGNIZE would result in more control and less stress.

They leave with a greater awareness of their strengths, challenges, and a clear understanding of the tools, strategies, and support structures necessary to ensure follow-through on their intentions and goals.

The work we did with Cindy as our coach was invaluable in helping us attain our goal.


ADHD coaching can change "I can't" into "I will." Coaching looks beyond limiting beliefs and creates the confidence to become more efficient, productive, and aligned with your life's purpose. Through a collaborative coaching process, I can help you create clarity around your goals, turn your intentions into action, and raise awareness of what you're learning. The result? Experiencing the success you've always known possible.

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My passion

is helping individuals challenged with ADHD create the life they want to live through education, structure, and support. Through coaching, I help people simplify their lives and function at a higher level.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Coaching

Do you meet in person, on the phone, or via video?

Each client interaction is different. I meet with most of my clients via Zoom twice per month; however, some clients prefer to have our appointments over the phone. Either way is equally effective.

How long will it take?

I ask all my clients to commit to a three-month program where we meet at least every other week. Once we have completed our second coaching appointment, the coaching frequency can be adjusted based on client needs. I meet with some clients every week, some every couple of weeks, and some I meet with once a month. Frequently clients come back for "tune-up" appointments on an as-needed basis as their life situations change. Whatever the coaching cadence, the length of the partnership is client-driven.

Believing is the first step to achieving

My clients' work is about more than just setting goals. I help them develop the confidence and self-reliance that will serve as the foundation to their continued success, even long after our work together is over. If you’re ready for a change, contact me for a free 30-minute ADHD Strategy Session to explore your next steps.

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  • I am much less hard on myself, and better understand how to improve organization while also valuing self-care.


  • I highly recommend Cindy Jobs. I was doing fairly well at my job but kept burning out frequently. Cindy Jobs gave me tools and advice for time and task management. She also made me aware of other areas of stress, like clutter and boundary issues within myself and family. I'm facing life with more of a relaxed can-do attitude now.

    —P. Jessen

  • I wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance this year! I've gotten closer to my goals than I ever could've imagined, and none of this would have been possible without you. I can't tell you how grateful I am!


  • I wasn't sure specifically what I needed help with. I was just generally lost. We talked through my issues, got to the bottom of them and started moving forward in manageable chunks. You absolutely must have your own motivation. But Cindy is incredibly helpful if you're motivated but lost or overwhelmed.
    —Alex Dudley

  • Through the years, Cindy has been my coach, accountability partner, and cheerleader. Being a solopreneur can sometimes leave me feeling scattered and overwhelmed. Cindy has helped me establish tools to offset that.
    —Melanie V.

  • If you have any challenges with ADHD (ADD) Cindy is your "go-to" person. She combines the empathy and skill of a great coach with her incredible knowledge of the brain and the ADHD brain. This combination offers a safe, shame-free and extremely productive environment for healing and moving beyond the old stories that can immobilize you! Cindy’s the real deal!
    -Sandy Stamato


Ready to get started?

Through a coaching collaboration with me, you’ll learn to define your real goals, recognize areas of opportunity, call on your strengths, and harness your skills to ensure your desired outcome becomes a reality.

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